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Address: Bai Chay (Hau Can) Road, Bai Chay - Ha Long
From:$75 - $300

Asean Halong Hotel is an international standard 4-star hotel with 101 luxurious and modern rooms. Its warmth and modern European setting makes you feel at home while at the same time offering you a lifestyle ...

Address:8 Halong Road, Baichay Beach, Bai Chay - Ha long
From:$90 - $225

Halong Plaza Hotel is located in the heart of Halong city, on Halong road, near the Baichay Ferry Station, with convenient access to Baichay Beach & Wharf and Hongai Administration ...

Golden Halong Hotel

Address: Hung Thang Tourism Area, Bai Chay Ward - Ha Long From:$60 - $120

HaLong Post Hotel

Address: Ha Long road, Bai chay - Ha Long From:$40 - $60

Truong Giang Hotel

Address: Halong road - Ha Long From:$18 - $32

Van Ly Hotel

Address: Vuon Dao road - Bai Chay ward - Ha long From:$15 - $25