Halong Bay


Hạ Long bay is famous all over the world for its beautiful scenery, great creation of nature, fresh air and wonderful climate suitable to all tourists who want to get away from busy life and to discover the gift of The Creator.

Seen from above, Hạ Long Bay resembles a Chinese ink drawing dotted with thousands of lively rocky islands; sometimes clustered together, sometimes isolated, forming an artistic sketch.

The clever artistic hand of creation has made thousands of lifeless stone islands simulating familiar personages or animals which are similar to human beings. One brings to mind a pair of chickens bobbing on the spacious water (Trống Mái Islet) ;another is like a giant tortoise with half-closed and sleepy eyes (Rùa Islet); another is like an old monk joining his hands in prayer to Buddha, with his face turned to the sea (Ông Sư Islet).

Yet another is like a giant incense-burner standing in the middle of the sea which used to pray heaven and earth (Ðinh Hương Islet). And there are many other islands bearing familiar forms remain undiscovered in the mysterious bay.
The sea of Hạ Long is deep blue water throughout all four seasons. In spring, sailing amidst the waves in the white frost, the stone islands look to be bobbing on the water.

As summer approaches and the sun is setting on the far horizon, the rocky islands appear to awake in unison and rise from the blue depths. The whole bay is bright red, and then turns to blue. The crests of the silver waves run together towards the shore. Orchids and fig trees, growing from fissures in the stone, bloom with colorful flowers.
It is very interesting to visit Hạ Long Bay on a sailing boat. As the boat makes its way through this forest of islands by ways of meandering channels, sometimes stone seems to be spread in front of you; forming a wall heeding further progress. Once nearer, the wall appears to crack open as if letting your boat pass. The scenery disappears behind you as yet another panorama opens to your view. The winding route seems to be endless.
The beauty of Hạ Long Bay does not consist only in the forms of its mountains, islands and the colour of its waters, but also in its infinitely rich system of grottoes and caves; concentrated mostly in the middle of the heritage. Thiên Cung (Heavenly Palace Grotto) bears a modern and refined trait, while Đầu Gỗ (Driftwood Grotto) is ample and grandiose and Sửng Sốt (Surprise Grotto) appears deeply secretive.

There are many beautiful examples, closely linked with legends and popular tales, such as: Trinh Nữ and Trống Grottoes (Virgin and Male Grottoes) and the Fairy Grotto Lake (Ðộng Tiên Lake). Each is a grandiose and refined natural architectural creation.
Hạ Long Bay has a unique beauty at the sunset. The water transforming to a crimson red of the last of the sun’s rays. the whole scene mingles into one colour, and then all light is extinguished. After the moon climbs into the sky, the sea seems to be coated with silver, with the lights of Hạ Long City reflected on the surface of the water.

In Hạ Long bay, it seemed that every islands, caves and beaches closely linked with the legend and popular tale of love, of the heroic song for safeguarding country... Visiting Hạ Long Bay is a good chance to witness the romantic and attractive love story, which happened only in the legend.

On December 17th, 1994, the 18th meeting of the Committee of the World Heritages of UNESCO in Thailand officially recognized Hạ Long Bay as a natural heritage of worldwide importance. And Hạ Long Bay is honored to be recognized as a world natural heritage once again for its geological value./.