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Current types of tourism

There is a variety of different and attractive tours on the Bay. Tourists can choose ...


Bai Tho Junk consist of 13 junk boats offering daily and overnight on boat cruise to visit Halong bay. We are not only sell daily joining group seats for tourists but also for lease private Junks. if you and  your group would like to have private junks, please choose one of our junks and tell ....

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Cabins information

  There are several Junks with different number of cabins on boats. 1 Junk boats with 18 cabins 4 Junk boats with 10 cabins each 3 Junk boats with 07 cabins each 3 Junk boats with 06 cabins each 1 Junk boat with 04 cabins 1 Junk boat  with 02 cabins ....

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Henty Spainish
10-03-2010 13:55:28

This was a wonderful trip my highlight was our experience on the Red Dragon. The service and food were outstanding

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